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Wednesday, 18 March 2015

I'm Back - OOTD

Hello there.....It's been quite a while hasn't it? 
Many things have changed since I last wrote on here, my special little space on the internet! I guess I should first explain my absence. University basically took over my life, with deadlines, lectures, hangovers, many many mental breakdowns, crying sessions and all nighters. But I have met some amazing people, did some amazing things and learnt many lessons. So far I am loving studying Fashion Design and Marketing even though at times it's extremely stressful. I still have a sh*t load of ambitions and aims for the future too, my dreams have not changed, still following them!

Top - Vintage Fair
Earrings - Topshop
Lipstick - MAC Diva
Boots - River Island
Tights - Primark
Suspender Leggings - Alice Takes A Trip

If you know me or have followed my blog for a while you'll remember how much I've lusted after Alice Takes A Trip stuff and with student loans I can now afford to buy the odd item. I just made another ATAT order earlier, buying another 3 things as I'm absolutely in love with these leggings, I wasn't sure about the fit at first with them being the dreaded "one size fits all" but they fit me perfectly! I was obviously meant to buy and wear them, it's destiny! I think I'm going to build up a large ATAT collection pretty quickly!

 If you haven't checked out their website or their shop on the ASOS Marketplace what have you been doing?! You need them in your life, trust me!

Tie-dye is something I'll never get sick of, this tee has been on my blog so many times now. As usual I'm in chunky footwear, I need more chunky and/or platform shoes in my life. These boots go with 80% of my wardrobe. I have broken both zips but I refuse to throw them out until I find a worthy replacement, so for now I'll struggle with the dodgy zips!

So yeah, I'm back! Not sure when the next post will be but I'm hoping I can post once a week, or at least every two weeks! I'll try my best. Anymore ATAT lovers out there?

Monday, 1 September 2014

Cute - OOTD

Dress/Top - eBay
Jacket - Republic (I think it's called something else now..)
Gingham Leggings & Grey Shoes - Topshop

Hello Lovely People!
It's getting a bit colder now isn't it? You can definitely tell that Autumn is nearly here! I decided to walk around the local park, which has quite a few pretty views, I couldn't resist taking a quick photo of the Metrocentre while I was there, I'd never realised quite how massive the Odeon was!

I searched for this dress/top for weeks on eBay (as I don't like buying from abroad), eventually I won it! It's just so cute and different! I paired it with my gingham leggings which are so comfy and with Autumn getting closer I think I'll be wearing a lot more leggings! I know as a Geordie I should really brave the cold and have bare legs like most of my family would, but right now I'd prefer to be warm and cosy thank you!

I finished the outfit with a part denim/part hoodie? jacket. I think the decals/patches (what are they called?!?) are so cute and I think I love it a little more because it has an "S" on it, like it was just for me! I'm using the word cute a lot aren't I? (Well here it is again!) Everyone needs at least one (or two, or three....or 10..) pair of cute shoes and these I rather cute, I have worn them with quite a lot recently and not just with cute outfits, they're quite the versatile pair!  

Are you looking forward to Autumn fashion? (I am!)

Monday, 18 August 2014

I Did It!...A - Level Results, University, etc.

Hello Lovely People!
Well I've been a bit absent from blogging this week, but I've been pretty busy! Results day eventually arrived last Thursday I was so nervous wondering if all the hard work, all nighters and times where I'd often questioned my sanity had paid off. Well I waited till 8am to log onto UCAS to see if I'd got in and I DID IT PEOPLE! In September I'll be studying Fashion Design and Marketing at Northumbria University! It was a major relief but I couldn't fully relax yet, I still had to go in and collect my results. 

I'm very pleased with my results and I'm very proud of myself! My results:
Textiles : A*
Business : Distinction*
Maths : A
I'm so happy I can't even express to you how happy I am. It's lovely knowing all of my hard work actually paid off!

So the next step? University!
I'm so excited, I've been looking through Twitter and Facebook trying to find my flatmates and people on my course. I also made a Facebook group for people who are doing Fashion Design and Marketing at Northumbria in September, hopefully we'll all find each other soon! 

I'm in Liberty Quay, I don't know loads about it so if anyone has stayed there previously I'd love to know what you thought!

I'm looking forward to freshers soooooo much! It looks amazing! To all of you people who have done freshers before are the wristbands worth it? Not sure whether to buy one...

Student Discount!
Now for someone who loves shopping student discount will come in very useful, I've just got to remember not to spend all of my money on pretty things!

I would love any advice! Just anything from budgeting to hangover cures (I have a feeling I may need to know a few of these)!

Well the next few weeks should be very exciting indeed! 
Any advice or are you just starting Uni like me?

Monday, 11 August 2014

The Jumpsuit - OOTD

Jumpsuit - Bought on eBay, originally from Topshop.
Ring* - Gemporia
Platform Heels - New Look

Hello Lovely People!
I ADORE the print of this jumpsuit, I love it so much that I also have the Topshop kimono with the exact same print. I was obsessed with them both but could only afford the kimono at the time. I constantly searched on eBay for the matching jumpsuit and all my searching eventually paid off. I've had the jumpsuit and kimono for a year or two now and I still love them. The shape of the jumpsuit is perfection, pretty straps at the top, tie at the waist and palazzo trousers, personally I think it makes my figure look awesome! I think I might have to invest in some high waisted palazzo trousers, so I can wear them with all my cropped jumpers and tops.

I'm planning on sporting this jumpsuit a lot during Autumn, maybe with a chunky cropped jumper and some boots? I wanted to keep the jumpsuit as the main attraction so I just paired it with my black New Look platform heels and a pretty Gemporia ring (read my review of it here!)

I seriously love everything about this jumpsuit, what do you think?